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You Must Know This Before Buying A New Meat Grinder

Before you buy a meat grinder, there are a few things you should pay attention to. We are sure that if you are not a professional chef, chances are that you will not know much about what kind of grinding machine you really need. There are two types of grinding machines, namely manual meat grinders and automatic meat grinders. Manual mills use a lever to do the job. So one hand puts the meat in, the other hand turns the lever to smooth the meat. Imagine how troublesome that is.

However, in this era of machines, manufacturers have created meat grinders with electric power which are more efficient in terms of time and energy, by using this automatic machine the results obtained will also be maximized and of higher quality. This machine has different shapes and sizes that have been adjusted according to their individual needs, both for home industries and large-scale industries. To maintain production efficiency, machine production capacity can also be adjusted as needed.

If you are a meatball, sausage, beef, chicken, or fish grinding service provider, a small grinder certainly cannot grind the meat as needed. You will have to grind many times if you grind a lot of meat. In addition, the grinding machine motor could crash if it overheated. This is not the case if you have a larger grinding machine, the minimum size # 12 is very good. A machine of this size will not crash. However, if you are just a housewife cooking for a small family, having a small grinder will not be a problem. In addition, if you serve food for a small family such as processed beef, chicken, goat, or tuna, all sizes of the grinding machine will not be a problem. But for heavier meats like buffalo meat or maybe you want to grind it with the bones, then you need a bigger industrial capacity, generally sizes # 22 or # 32.