The First Aid for Fracture Victim

If you do the research for sacramento car accident lawyers, it means that you have the chance to know the nearby location of that professional. Broken bones are trauma injuries that are not uncommon. What needs to be known, if not handled properly, this fracture is very risky. In fact, if not handled properly can have a fatal impact. Well, because this condition is not playing games, it’s good to know what to do when doing first aid fractures. Previously, fractures that were generally in the medical world were called fractures. Classified into two types, namely closed fracture and open fracture. The difference is that the fracture is covered by a broken bone that does not pass through the skin. While the fracture is open, part or all of the broken bone is seen to penetrate the skin. Well, following first aid for victims of fractures according to experts:

Don’t panic, call a medical officer

Feeling panic when dealing with a fracture victim is natural. Especially for lay people who don’t have information or knowledge about the condition. However, said the expert, the first thing to do is not to panic. Simple reason, this panic will make things even more chaotic so you can’t think clearly. After that, just contact the medical team to ask for help. While waiting for the medical team to come, try to see if the victim has a broken bone. You can find out through signs commonly found in victims of fractures. For example, swelling or bruising above the bone, pain in certain areas that are getting more intense if the area is moved, or a broken bone that protrudes out of the skin.

Don’t Move Victims

This is what must be considered. Never move victims of fractures, especially if the injured part is the head, neck or spine. Wait until experienced medical personnel arrives to move the victim. If the victim does have to be moved for safety, make sure the injured part of the body does not shift or move when the transfer process is running. For example, you can tie the injured leg with a leg that is not injured, then moved.

Stabilize the victim

If you have knowledge, experience, or have received first aid training for victims of fractures. Try to stabilize the victim. For example, by installing a spark or wooden splint by wrapping it with gauze or other cloth on the injured part. This is so that the broken bone does not move. Experts say you can install a spark that passes through two joints so that the broken bone does not move and to avoid fractures getting worse. Remember, don’t try to fix broken bones and stick out.

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