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Do Not Use Headphones More Than an Hour

Listening to music using a headphone while at work can indeed make you too comfortable. However, comfort can be dangerous to your hearing. Although the volume when using a headphone is already low, it does not rule out the possibility that a long duration of time can still damage hearing. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to listen to songs using a headphone for more than an hour, let your ears rest after an hour using the headphone. You can get JBL Club Pro+ on our website.

Also, do not use the headphone in a noisy place. Increasing the volume of songs when listening to a headphone in a noisy place it often happens. It aims to not be disturbed by noise around. You might indeed be able to listen to songs calmly and comfortably in an area full of sound, but your hearing might not be. As previously explained, that loud noise that exceeds 80 decibels can damage your ears in an instant. Therefore, avoid using the headphone in a noisy place, because it will trigger you to continue to tighten the music volume.