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Accidents experienced by someone usually result in trauma in some parts of their body. One of the body parts that receive the most trauma is the spine. Car accidents can be one of the main causes of this disorder. So, what you need to do is do the right treatment with chiropractic. You can use the car accident lawyer in new york service to solve this problem.

This condition is a severe trauma that can affect all your activities. This spinal trauma can affect all activities that you do every day. Spinal trauma can cause sequelae or permanent sequelae such as paralysis of the hands and feet or even just feet.

Behind that, all of you need to be aware of signs that can happen to your body. These symptoms depend on the position and level of injury experienced. Injuries to the upper vertebrae can cause more severe symptoms such as weak or numb muscles, loss of sensation in the injured area and abnormal blood pressure. Then, when do you actually have to go to the doctor?
If you have the above signs or symptoms you must contact your doctor as soon as possible. Each person’s body works in a different way. It’s good to discuss with your doctor for a solution to your condition.

In cases of spinal trauma due to an accident, the patient needs to lie on a flat board, repair the neck with support, and examine breathing and circulatory abilities. The spine must remain stable and not move. Your doctor will inject steroid methylprednisolone into acute spinal injuries; this method is used in the first 8 hours after an injury has occurred. In addition, your doctor may perform surgery to stabilize the spine or take bone fragments, unidentified objects, hernias, or spinal fractures.
Appropriate treatment must indeed be given to patients suffering from this disease.

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